Welcome to TEWLAB, the laboratory of Thomas E. Wilson M.D. Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology and Department of Human Genetics at the University of Michigan Medical School.

Our laboratory uses yeast and other model organisms to study DNA double-strand break repair and other processes that contribute to chromosomal rearrangements in cancer.

We emphasize fundamental investigations that contribute to our understanding of cancer and its origins, because this understanding is critical to preventing and treating this disease, now and in the future.

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(2013-8) Congrats to Zhuobin (Ben) for his previous “dsT-DNA formation” work published in Nat Commun. PubMed

(2013-6) Congratulations to Kishore et al. for publishing the catalytic DNA Ligase IV mutant paper in PLoS Genet. PubMed

(2013-6) Welcome Sham Sharma and So Hae (Irene) Park to the lab and farewell Kishore.

(2013-5) Our book chapter review titled in “Repair of double strand breaks by end-joining” is now published. PubMed PDF request

(2012-12) Congratulations to Kishore in winning the “Best Poster Award” in UM Med-School Postdoc Annual Seminar



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